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Black kitchen and black accents: kitchen sink, kitchen taps ...

Until recently the sterile white colour used to dominate in the kitchen, but in 2019, we are getting back to their past - the black kitchen is in fashion again.

Black kitchen and black accents:  kitchen sink, kitchen taps ...

Since the 15th century until the middle of the last century, in many (farm) houses the kitchens could be found dirty of smoke and soot, for which reason the black colour said goodbye to the whole range of home furnishings for a long time.

In recent years, though, it has been increasingly used because, with the right combinations, black colour can make a room look dramatic, elegant, homey or simply chic.

We have come up with some ideas on how to bring black colour into your kitchen with the feeling - from just a few items and accessories to an entirely black kitchen.

It depends on your taste to what extent your new kitchen will be dressed in the most modern colour of the year, which experts predict will stay on top of the popular colours for the kitchen furnishing for a long period of time.


Bright kitchen with black accents

If you still stick to tradition but still want to add a little of the adventurous black colour to your new kitchen, you can choose to:

- cabinets or the wooden part of the kitchen in any light colour (usually white or similar light shades) and working panel in natural wood colour, to which you can combine kitchen appliances and sinks with kitchen fittings in black colour.

The combination of black and white, without great effort or worry that your kitchen could be too dark for a traditional taste, will be exciting and keeping up with trends and will remain timelessly beautiful and fashionable for many years to come.

Alveus offers a black sink made of premium composite Granital, which is a blend of granite powder with a composite binder that is extremely solid and resistant to scratches and temperature changes.

Carbon will give the stone texture with its matte black colour and will simply impress you.

Perhaps you prefer smooth glass? Alveus offers Glassix Up, an elegant combination of stainless steel and black glass (LINK ).

However, if you want to make an impression in the kitchen, choose the anthracite sink of the Monarch line, which looks elegant and fashionable with its appearance of dark steel.

The black sink, with stainless steel accents, can be arbitrarily combined with stainless steel kitchen fittings or a combination of black composite material.

In any case, the result will be amazing!

You can opt for bright cabinets that you can combine with a working kitchen panel in black colour.

In this colour combination, the kitchen appliances and sink in black colour or eternally elegant stainless steel sink will look highlighted.

Alveus offers great solutions: flagship products among stainless steel sinks, from the collections: Pure Up, the modern Quadrix or Stricto, the latest Galeo and Luno…

The product assortment of the Slovenian company with a 50-year tradition is very rich, but the greatest advantage is the superior quality of our exceptional sinks and kitchen fittings – with rounded or straight lines for all tastes and budgets.

The black as an integral part of the kitchen

For those of you who like the black so much to bring it into the colour palette of your kitchen but do not want it to dominate, we advise you to use, in the USA extremely popular, two-colour kitchens in America.

The lower cabinets are black and the working panel and upper cabinets or shelves are white.

You can play with colours on your wall – you can choose a monochrome style in white or black only, or paint one part of the kitchen wall in black.

Especially for families, we recommend a wall paint on which you can draw with white chalk, which would make your children happy and your kitchen would always have a different background.

And you would not forget any to-do anymore, because you could write it right on the wall.

Two-colour kitchens can be darker if you choose black kitchen appliances and sinks, or you can lighten them by choosing white or stainless steel kitchen appliances and:

If you want to use the black and white combination in the dining room or the living room as well, you will equip your apartment as a professional interior designer.

Don't forget the greenery – you can soften the sharp dividing lines between black and white with greenery - choose plants with many green leaves that are easy to nurture. The plants with downwards-growing leaves look particularly well.


The black from floor to ceiling

Although it may sound a little too dark at first for the walls, cabinets and working panel to be black, the completely black kitchen can be extremely chic.

If you love the Scandinavian refined design, you will surely like their most popular kitchen in the combination of matte black and natural wood.

They prefer to combine black cabinets in matte, working panels in deep black or natural wood. They also add some shelves or hanging storage of natural wood.

Such a kitchen is better suited to a larger, well-lit space, so keep that in mind when designing.

The led lamps under the upper cabinets throughout the length of the kitchen will illuminate the working panel well while making the kitchen comfortable and cosy.

The matte paint conceals various fingerprints or impressions so it is more suitable for a family kitchen compared to a high-gloss black kitchen, where every particle of dust is quickly visible, so you should always keep a dusting cloth close by.

We especially recommend for this type of the kitchen, the sink and kitchen fittings from the Alveus Monarch line in four special shades for the most daring customers: gold, black (anthracite), rose-gold (copper) and bronze. The timeless elegance of the highest quality that will be the centre of attention for your black beauty!

Still think the black is not the colour for your kitchen? Choose grey!

Grey is the perfect way to go when you want modern colours for a new kitchen, but you don't want to step too far from traditional frames or you just don't like black - the most important thing is practicality.

Grey kitchen can be extremely elegant. Bright-colour accents will make it playful.

You can easily combine any other colours and materials with it...

As regards the cleaning, it is very practical, because this colour is the least sensitive to dirt (except for the high-gloss elements, which will require quick wiping after each cooking), the easiest to combine with a variety of colours, overhead surfaces in different materials and patterns, kitchen appliances and the sink in white, grey, black, cream, stainless steel, all the way to gold, bronze, copper colours…

Grey never goes out of fashion, and it will look top-notch if you only occasionally change some decoration (patterned carpet, bar stools, a vase…).

Shades and materials that resemble concrete or stone are very fashionable. However, you should pay attention to the lighting in the grey kitchen - the grey kitchen should have plenty of natural light and well-lit work surfaces.

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