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Accesorii de bucatarie

Many practical Alveus kitchen accessories allow you to arrange the perfect sink station.

Open new perspectives to your sink with a wide range of functionally sophisticated accessories.

Vezi aici accesoriile de bucătărie Alveus


An indispensable accessory in your kitchen will certainly become a stand AllRound, as it will allow for easy draining washed dishes.

So versatile!⁠

  • as a DRYING RACK over the kitchen sink or its draining surface⁠
  • as a PROTECTIVE RACK over the draining surface of the stainless steel, composite, and tempered glass kitchen sinks or simply over the kitchen worktop - an aesthetic and safety accessory to avoid possible scratches and damages.⁠
  • as a RACK for hot pans and pots (up to 200°C)⁠

And when you are done with it for the day simply roll it and store it in the drawer or cupboard.

Distribuitoare de detergenți

The use of dispenser is very simple, for by pressing its upper part by one hand a required quantity of liquid detergent or liquid soap can be hygienically and optimally applied to a washing sponge. Pull out of the upper part enables easy refill of dispenser from above.

The maximum content of each dispenser is 500 ml. The amount can be quickly checked due to the transparent material of the dispenser container.

Plăci de tăiere

Cutting boards made of wood or tempered glass will further increase the functionality of your kitchen sink. By placing them on the sink you get more room to manoeuvre when cutting and preparing food.

Different models of cutting boards correspond to different sinks, but you can of course also use them on their own.

Tăvi pentru tacâmuri

Alveus cutlery trays fit 500 mm long kitchen drawers in kitchen cabinets of standard sizes 400, 450, 600, and 900 mm. 

The trays are easy to cut in order to fit perfectly the drawer. They are made of polypropylene, an environment-friendly polymer material that fulfils also hygienic requirements for coming into contact with foodstuff.


Produse de calitate superioară pentru bucătăria dvs ... pentru toate gusturile ... o gamă largă de forme, dimensiuni, materiale ...

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