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Cosuri de gunoi ecologice

Nowadays, recycling is an important part of every household.

With the line of Albio systems for separate waste collection, we offer a complete separation island integrated into the kitchen cabinet, which adapts to different needs and sizes of the kitchen.

Sistemele de separare a deşeurilor ALBIO sunt realizate pentru a permite înlăturarea cu uşurinţă a resturilor din bucătărie de pe suprafeţele de lucru. 

Pe lângă recipientul mixt, sistemele permit separarea diferitelor tipuri de deşeuri biologice şi non-biologice. 

Datorită dimensiunilor diferite ale recipientului şi capacităţii mari, se adaptează la orice spatiu.

There are 5 models of Waste segregation bin systems available, containing from one to three containers of different sizes.

See individual ALBIO models

Basic features and benefits of ALBIO

  • Metal guides and stable construction enable binning up to 60 litres of waste.
  • The systems are intended for quick and easy mounting onto the cabinet bottom.
  • The systems are designed to prevent unpleasant odours from escaping.
  • Depends on the model there are systems with one, two or three waste bins.
  • The bins are made of environment-friendly polymer materials, which are easy to clean and recyclable.
  • The built-in handles allow easy handling and stable insertion of trash bags.
  • System Albio 30 enables opening at the same time with door cabinet
  • System Albio 40 can be turned to a drawer system with normal or assisted and damped closing by means of optional accessories


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