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Alveus hob units are designed for kitchenettes and down-sized kitchens in flatlets, holiday homes and holiday cottages. They are distinguished for their functional hob configuration and the elegance of stainless steel housing.

Models are furnished with electric hot plates and comply with the EU directives on safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

They combine a hob unit and sink in a single product.

Alveus hob units are installed as top-end element of one or more kitchen cabinets.

Combi Ceral: glass-ceramic hob + sink in one

The new Combi Ceral 100 offers three solutions in one: a 170 mm deep stainless steel sink bowl, designed to be very easy to clean, a convenient storage surface, and a touch-control glass-ceramic hob. The hob has two cooking surfaces.

Video presentation

Dimension: 1000x600x70
Rated voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
Rated input: 3000 W
Sink material: stainless steel
Surface structure: NAT

Combi Ceral - ideal for small apartments, holiday homes, etc.

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