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What material are Alveus composite sinks made of?

Sinks are made of composite material Granital, which is a mixture 75-80%  granite particles bound together by high-quality binder, which provides strength and flexibility to a kitchen sink as well as the resistance to temperature shocks. 

The smoothness of the surface provides an easy cleaning of the kitchen sink.

How do I clean a sink from Granital?

Due to its structure, the carefully treated and smooth surface of the sink practically prevents dirt from sticking at all. It is also possible for water to easily slip off the surface, which makes it easier to clean and maintain the sink.

However, when cutting vegetables, peeling fruit, washing dishes, and performing daily kitchen tasks, stains cannot be avoided.

Most stains and dirt can be removed with mild liquid non-abrasive household cleaners or ammonia-based cleaners. Heavier stains are removed with a fine polishing agent, the remains of limescale are removed with 9% acetic acid (edible vinegar). We recommend Alveus Allshine cleaner and polishing paste.

ATTENTION!  Chlorine detergents (soda hypochlorite) or hydrochloric acids as well as exposure to strong chemicals (varnish removers, oven cleaners, concentrated acids, lye, and similar) can damage the sink finish. Should the contact occur, rinse quickly the surface with water. We recommend the use of appropriate chopping boards. 

What is the easiest way to remove light spots from a dark Granital sink?

The light spots on your elegant, dark Granital sink are usually the result of limescale build-up, which is further colored by substances from coffee, tea, etc. You can clean stains quite easily with the help of Alveus Allshine cleaner, or call for help the ingredients that are quickly found in every kitchen: edible vinegar and/or lemon. Limescale residue is easily removed with 9% acetic acid (table vinegar) or Alveus Allshine.

However, if you do not want to deal with limescale at all, then the best solution will be to dry the sink with a microfiber cloth after each use. This will first prevent the formation of limescale.

Can a Granital sink be discolored?

Everyday contact with fruits and vegetables, exposure to household chemicals, etc., is certainly a big challenge for Granital sinks.

However, we can be carefree as Granital is a colored material in the structure, and with normal use and following the cleaning and care instructions Granital sinks will not discolor.

Can I put the hot dish on the sink from Granital? Is the Granital sink resistant to high temperatures?

Hot dishes can be stored for a short time, but we always recommend using hot plate coasters (eg Alveus AllRound).

The permanent temperature resistance of Granital sinks complies with the requirements of the EN standard and amounts to 180 ° C, and the short-term temperature load can be up to 280 ° C.

What is the process of making "paint" on Monarch sinks?

The production of the Monarch collection sinks involves a special surface treatment of stainless steel. 

A thin vaporized metal substance known as ceramic nitride is deposited onto the stainless steel surface, resulting in unique metal lustre and increased scratch resistance.
The surface-treated stainless steel is available in four precious metal color shades - GOLDCOPPERANTHRACITE, and BRONZE.

Can the surface layer ("color") of Monarch sinks peel off?

With the special Monarch surface coating technology, the stainless steel sink gets an extremely resistant protective surface and increased scratch resistance.

The surface layer of Monarch sinks does not peel off, but discoloration can occur, mainly due to the use of aggressive cleaners.

Avoid prolonged contact with bleach-containing cleaners, drain cleaners and corrosive foods (salt, vinegar, tea…) - rinse everything within 10 minutes. However, if you accidentally come in contact with strong chemicals, rinse immediately!

Dificultăţi de folosire a butonului Pop-up?

Cel mai probabil este necesar să ajustaţidistanţa pe grilaj, deşurubând şurubulşi fixând lungimea corespunzătoare a şurubuluişi fixându-l cu piuliţa "inversă". În timp, folosirea butonului Pop-up poate slăbi distanţa grilajului.

Robinetul mixerului prezintă o presiune neadecvată ( alimentarea cu apă este defectuoasă sau nu se produce )?

Verificaţi dacă există furtune înfundateşi dacă este necesar curăţaţi şi înlocuiţi. Aceasta se întâmplă dacă nu existăo supapă rigidă cu filtru, pentru că ocazional conductele de apă pot fi traversate de multe impurităţi cum ar fi nisip fin.

Robinetul mixerului prezintă scurgeri la intraresau la furtunul de extracţie?

În cazul în care robinetul mixeruluiprezintă un ajutaj detaşabil, probabil acesta este motivul pentru care ajutajul detaşabil este deşurubatca urmare a folosirii zilnice. Trebuie doar să-l strângeţi.


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