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Do you wish that your kitchen sink is in a specific tone, pattern, or that it reflects you or your family?

Then you will be excited about the possibilities offered by Alveus glass kitchen sinks. 

Just unlock your imagination, send us graphics or photos as desired, and your glass kitchen sink will for sure become a focal point of your kitchen.

Some ideas: your kitchen sink can be decorated with an illustration or drawing of your child, with patterns characteristic for the SFFcandinavian kitchen, motivational quotes to start a day with more energy, with your favourite colour that matches perfectly with some kitchen details etc.

IMPORTANT: For a great result, a requested resolution of the photo/graphic at 860x 500 mm is 250 dpi.

If you don't have any idea, you can always choose one of the graphics we designed for you.   

Might you fancy a different colour, not a problem, we at ALVEUS will be happy to accommodate you.


You will get a kitchen sink which will be a joy to look at and to workaround. 


Produse de calitate superioară pentru bucătăria dvs ... pentru toate gusturile ... o gamă largă de forme, dimensiuni, materiale ...

Găsiţi propria dvs chiuvetă de bucătărie