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Alveus sinks combine the finest materials, long life, top design and comfortable user experience, placing them among the best sinks on the market.
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Modern kitchens are flexible and well thought out, and the former division into cooking, working and washing area is quickly disappearing from their abodes.
With its state-of-the-art kitchen sinks, Alveus joins innovative and useful solutions for cooking surfaces that overlap the limits of the wet kitchen area. In order to achieve the best user experience, we have designed and manufactured the kitchen sinks following these five important advantages that rank the Alveus products among the best on the market.

1. Stronger materials of kitchen sinks

Alveus kitchen sinks are among the strongest kitchen sinks on the market, since they are made of CrNi 18-10 stainless steel with the thickness of up to 1 mm, and of extremely solid composite materials.

They consist of granite particles which are firmly linked with high quality acrylic binder, thus achieving excellent chemical and mechanical properties.

Alveus tempered safety-glass sinks are characterized by increased strength and temperature resistance.

Stronger materials offer many advantages, namely: they have greater impact resistance, greater frame stability, while the water jet causes significantly less noise in the container.

Tip: To compare the thickness of the metal of different sinks, it is enough to compare their weight.
Heavier sinks are made of thicker metal.

2. Convenient dimensions of sinks

Alveus sink containers are deeper than with comparable competitive sinks.
This also means a larger volume of sink of up to a few liters, thus giving more comfort in washing larger pieces and larger quantities of dishes.

The outflows of kitchen sinks have a nominal diameter of 11/2" (Ø 60 mm) or 31/2" (Ø 90 mm) depending on the model, which allows a very welcome quick draining of large quantities of water.

All drainage surfaces are also well thought out, as they allow the excess water to flow directly into the drain.

Water seepage can endanger hygienic integrity and may also adversely affect the appearance of the sink.

3. Durability and easy cleaning of sinks

Alveus sinks are extremely resistant to impacts, scratches, high temperatures, chemicals and all types of stains.

Alveus sinks are extremely easy to maintain and clean, as they are made of premium materials.
They are also designed to provide maintenance with the least effort. The use of aggressive cleaning agents is not necessary.

4. Health- and eco-friendly kitchen sinks

The surface of both Alveus stainless and composite kitchen sinks is processed to inhibit the development of dangerous molds, microorganisms and bacteria.

All surfaces can therefore be cleaned completely and easily, as there are no inaccessible corners where food scraps and other impurities would accumulate.

Alveus sinks are also environmentally friendly, as they are free of toxic substances that would be released when decomposed.

5. Top materials for sinks

Alveus sinks are synonymous with top quality, but you can choose between different materials, surface structures and colors, which means that the sinks will satisfy both the functional and the design requirements of each kitchen.

Alveus offers only the best on the market: in addition to the eternal stainless-steel sinks in three structures (satin, leinen, microleinen), you can also choose between sinks made of high-quality granital composite material, the combination of tempered glass and stainless steel and stainless-steel sinks coated with a layer of nitride.

Sinks made of stainless steel
Characteristics and advantages of stainless steel (CrNi 18/10):
- easy cleaning which ensures a high level of hygiene,
- resistance to high temperatures and sudden temperature changes,
- impact resistance,
- resistance to chemical action,
- possibility of 100% recycling.

The thickness of stainless steel ranges from 0.5 to 1 mm, depending on the dishwasher price range.

Special surface treatment of stainless steel
The surface of stainless steel coated with a layer of ceramic nitride acquires:
- unique metal shine,
- extremely resistant protective surface,
- increased scratch resistance.

Stainless steel in surface treatment is available in four precious-metal shades: gold, bronze, copper and anthracite.
Due to the special technology of surface layer coating, each sink comes with a unique shade.

Composite (granital) kitchen sinks
The granital composite material is a mixture of 75-80% granite particles which are bonded to one another by a high quality binder, ensuring the sink strength and at the same time also its flexibility and resistance to sudden temperature changes.

The carefully treated surface of the sinks is smooth and touchable. The surface smoothness makes it easy to clean the sinks.

Sinks made of granital composite material are available in a variety of colors, to which we added an additional five shades of granital plus with glossy metal particles that give the sinks a prestigious look.

Kitchen sinks with glass top
Heat treatment of glass improves its properties in such a way that the strength, surface hardness and resistance to temperature changes are significantly increased.

Models are available in classic black and white colors. You can also order a glass storage area in the selected RAL shade or with unique graphics of your choice.


Alveus sinks are adapted for different types of taps, so they can be fully adjusted to the architectural and aesthetic requirements of your dream kitchen.

When choosing a kitchen sink, keep the following in mind:
● design of the entire kitchen,
● kitchen countertop material,
● last but not least, your lifestyle, as certain modes of installation significantly facilitate the cleaning of work surfaces.

Inset (l) sinks are built into the kitchen counter and form part of the continuous working surface. A sink is inserted from the upper side into the cutout of the appropriate size and secured with the included clamps.

Flush mount (F)
 sinks are installed into a kitchen counter of waterproof material (natural stone, composite materials), which is pre-treated so that the upper edge of the sink is at the same plane as the kitchen counter. The advantages of completely integrated kitchen sinks are the following: working surface with no edges, extremely easy cleaning and attractive appearance.

Flat mount (S) sinks are installed into the kitchen counter, thus creating an almost uniform working surface. Thin, almost imperceptible edges of the sink allow for quick and easy cleaning, and the installation is also extremely easy for the classical counters.

Undermount (U) allow installation from the bottom of the kitchen counter, with the edge of the kitchen sink covering the surface of the kitchen countertop made of natural stone or composite materials. Such an arrangement allows the use of larger dimensions and unlimited combinations. The absence of boundary edges contributes to the simple maintenance of high hygienic standards and the great attractiveness of the kitchen as a whole.

Sit-on sinks are installed as the upper finishing element of one or more kitchen cabinets. The height of the edge of the sink is 30 mm. The sinks have a wall edge of 30 mm high or come without it.