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Not just great looking but also super functional sink station! The ATROX sink family consists of 5 models in different sizes.

Moderno črno kuhinjsko korito

ATROX - a minimalistic design with so many great features.

One model, two installation options.

Classic INSET ( I ) installation is suitable for any worktop. And if your worktop is waterproof ( stone, kerrock, marble...) you can install the Atrox models also under it - UNDERMOUNT  ( U ) installation.

Trendy, high quality and practical

To make your work easier and more fun we added to the already nicely deep bowl an extra level and made the Atrox models more versatile to use. 

Line up small, a bit bigger, or a perforated stainless pan on a middle level and get some extra help to drain, store chopped vegetables and fruit or simply store away some food or dishes.

All the extras (chopping board, strainer bowls, drying rack AllRound) will make your Atrox a perfect sink station.

Video presentation of the new ATROX 40 model with all the accessories:

Top quality Granital material in five colors

Atrox models are made of high-grade composite material Granital with great characteristics:

  •  the surface is smooth and it will not lose its stone nature
  •  resistant to high temperature and thermal shock
  •  impact-proof
  •  scratch proof
  •  stain-resistant and easy to clean
  •  resistant to household chemicals.

Atrox sinks are available in 5 Granital colors:

Atrox 10
Disponibil în diferite culori. ...
Atrox 20
Disponibil în diferite culori. ...
Atrox 30
Disponibil în diferite culori. ...
Atrox 40
Disponibil în diferite culori. ...
Atrox 50
Disponibil în diferite culori. ...
Stainless pan GN-1/2
GN-1/2 (for kitchen sinks ATROX)
Stainless pan GN-1/2-P
GN-1/2-P (for kitchen sinks ATROX)
Stainless pan GN-1/3
GN-1/3 (for kitchen sinks ATROX)
Placă de tăiat din lemn (355x240x25)
Placă de tăiat - Luno 20, Galeo 10,  Zoom Maxim, Classic Pro, Elega...
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